The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf
The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf

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The group was established in 2003 and is formed by both hearing and hearing impaired individuals. With the spirit of “Promise of inclusion”, we serve the hearing impaired community and promote an inclusive spirit, understanding and acceptance in the society.


Formed by hearing impaired and hearing individuals


The group organizes volunteer recruitment and training every year. Individuals who are interested can refer to our website.


Second Wednesday of each month.

Past Activities

We focus on supporting the activities of the Centre, as well as participating in activities promoting sign language and disability inclusion. Volunteers had helped in planning and organizing the opening ceremony of the Centre, Christmas gathering for members and events of the organization.

We run promotional activities in various secondary and primary schools, with contents such as teaching common sign language and sign language songs, in order to enhance their knowledge of sign language, to learn communication skills with hearing impaired persons and to facilitate acceptance of the hearing impaired.

Apart from the above activities, we also participated in promotional activities in local shopping centres, such as exhibition boards, game booths, service registration as well as performance of sign language songs and dramas, in order to enhance understanding of the needs of the hearing impaired and to build a harmonious society.

Please contact Ms. Wan of N.T. Multi-service Centre (Leung King) for more information.
Tel: 2711 5688
Fax: 2711 5877


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