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The volunteer group was established in 2002 by hearing impaired and hearing individuals. The group actively participates in community activities to promote sign language and inclusive vision in the community. The group seeks to enhance the knowledge of how to communicate and get along with hearing impaired persons in order to combat misunderstandings. The group also organizes various inclusive activities to develop the potential of hearing impaired persons, to promote cooperation between hearing and hearing impaired persons and to broaden the social circle of hearing impaired persons.


  • To facilitate the connection of members of Social Integration Ambassadors, to promote the welfare relevant to members;
  • To assist the Centre in organizing various activities and services;
  • To bridge the communication between the Centre and members;
  • To discover and develop the members’ potential through participation and learning.


Formed by hearing impaired and hearing youths


The group organizes volunteer recruitment and training regularly. Individuals interested please contact the staff at N.T. Multi-service Centre for more information.

Past Activities

  • Sign Language Promotion: to enhance the understanding of sign language in the society in order to facilitate mutual communication.
  • Community Education: to organize talks, workshops and community education activities in order to build a mutual connection and facilitate the understanding of the hearing impaired in the society.
  • Promotional Activities: to organize various formats of promotion in community and in shops, and to give performances etc. in order to promote an inclusive spirit and raise awareness of building an equal society.
  • Volunteer Training: to actively recruit individuals passionate in serving the community as our volunteers and offer training to them, in order to enhance communication, to develop the group and to realize the volunteering spirit among both hearing impaired and hearing individuals.

Please contact Mr. Leung of N.T. Multi-service Centre (Leung King) for more information.
Tel: 2711 5688
Fax: 2711 5877


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