The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf
The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf

Joy of Arts



The group was established in June 2004 to promote the talents in performing arts among hearing impaired persons. Later, hearing individuals also joined the group to promote inclusive spirit.

It aims to offer hearing impaired individuals a platform to utilize their leisure, to develop their talents in performing arts and to learn about the culture of arts. Also, hearing and hearing impaired could promote the spirit of inclusion through performing arts so the talents of hearing impaired persons will be more recognized and accepted in the society.


Hearing impaired and hearing individuals.


Individuals who are interested will have a chat with the committee and once approved, they will become our members.


First Tuesday of each month. If it is a public holiday, the meeting will be held on the second Tuesday instead.

Past Activities

  • To learn and understand the skills of various performing arts;
  • To showcase the talents of performing arts through various performances;
  • To participate in community promotion activities.

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