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Decibel Handcrafts



In the 1970s, clothing production was very established in Hong Kong and most hearing impaired women were trained to work in the sewing industry. As the factories moved to mainland China, the arts of hearing impaired women became a thing of the past.

In 2015, the N.T. Multi-service Centre organized a series of sewing interest classes and we were delighted to invite a hearing impaired tutor to conduct the classes. The tutor graduated from the fashion design discipline at Changchun University. A group of hearing impaired women who are passionate about sewing then established “Decibel Handcrafts”, aiming to use their talents in sewing to offer a bridge between the hearing and the hearing impaired.


Hearing impaired women


  1. Interested in sewing, patient and detail-minded;
  2. With experience in sewing and with basic knowledge;
  3. Participate in meetings regularly and created products on time;
  4. Must be a hearing impaired person;
  5. Annual membership fee is $100 (per financial year), if withdrawn from the group the fee will not be refunded;
  6. Interviews will be conducted.

Please contact Ms. Tam of N.T. Multi-service Centre (Leung King) for more information.
Tel: 2711 5688
Fax: 2711 5877


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