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To undertake projects of publicity, education, recreation, counselling, clinical, audiological and medical services for the hearing impaired; and to assist or cooperate with any institutions, organizations or individuals to improve the services for the hearing impaired.

To work towards improving the educational standards for the hearing impaired, to provide scholarship and special equipment for the hearing impaired as well as to provide guidance for parents of hearing impaired children.

To inform the public about the problems and needs of the hearing impaired, to give necessary information to hearing impaired persons and their families about institutions and services available to them, and to exchange information among institutions serving the hearing impaired and to promote the concept of and to take steps to work towards the integration of the hearing impaired with the public


The Society aims to provide comprehensive and professional services of the highest standard to ensure equalization of opportunities for the hearing impaired, and to promote self-development, self-actualization and self-sufficient and integration of hearing impaired persons.

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