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Physiotherapy Service

Training Service to the Early Education and Training Centre (EETC)

The Centre provides assessment and one-on-one physiotherapy service for students at the EETC, including balance training, strength and conditioning, cardiopulmonary function and posture training, in order to enhance their mobility and quality of life.

EETC’s physiotherapy training


Support Service to Child Care Centre

Physiotherapists have regularly visited two Child Care Centres for hosting gross-motor training classes, as well as offering professional advice for curriculum design and facilities, to ensure that they could meet the needs of child development


Exercising Group

Through lessons of proper exercising knowledge and skills, including balance training, strength and conditioning, coordination training, stretching exercise and posture correction, the group aimed to encourage participants to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Community Education

The Centre regularly organized health talks such as “What is osteoporosis”, “Home safety and falls prevention” and “Physical fitness development and training of children”, as well as publishing exercise brochures to promote public health awareness.