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The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf Donation

With the community’s support in the past 40 years,the Society has endeavoured to deliver comprehensive service for local hearing impaired persons. We need your continuous support in order to provide other new services and help hearing impaired persons lead a brighter future of boundless potentials!

If you are interested to make donation to us, you can choose any one of the following methods to make a donation:

1. One-off donation
Print/download Donation Form

Print/download Donation Form

On line donation (Credit Card only)

On line donation (Credit Card only)

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf uses the on-line donation system operated by Information Technology Resources Centre of Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Bank of East Asia.

2. Make a Regular Donation

You can make a regular donation to us by credit card. For details, please download our donation form.

download Donation Form

download Donation Form

Thank you for you kind support.

Donations of $100 or above are tax deductible.

The Society will keep your personal data for issuing receipts, fostering communications, raising funds and conducting surveys for our agency. For enquiries on the use of your personal data or any change in your personal data, please contact us at 2527 8969 (tel) or 2529 3316 (fax) during office hours.