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The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf Bradbury Child Care Centre

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The Bradbury Child Care Centre of HKSD aims to provide full-time pre-school training courses for children aged 2 to 6 with severe or profound hearing impairment. With diversified learning methods and activities, as well as intensive speech training, students are equipped with language and communication skills to cultivate their balanced development in moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects. To get them prepared for future social integration, especially adapted to primary school life, the Centre offers a counselling scheme for parents and students who are enrolling in P.1 curriculum.

Targeted Service User

Severely or profoundly hearing impaired children aged 2 to 6.

Service Characteristics

The Centre regularly assesses the overall development of children and formulates individual learning plan based on different students’ needs. Individual case meetings are organized biannually to review their learning progress. With a favourable teacher-to-pupil ratio, total-communication approach is adopted to cultivate students’ whole-person development.


Service Content

1. Individual Learning
  • Aural Training: It aims to help hearing impaired children make the best use of their residual hearing ability to listen and understand dialogues;
  • Pronunciation Training: Sound, phoneme and tone practices to allow children to imitate speech and learn to interact with others through spoken language;
  • Language Training: Through diversified activities, students learn to communicate with others in daily life and social activities through spoken language; Further improve their understanding and communication abilities in order to learn more knowledge; Based on individual needs, sign language will be used as a supplementary teaching medium; Encourage parents’ participation to improve their skills in enhancing children’s communication and language development.


2. Group Learning

To provide children ordinary pre-school lessons and activities, including Chinese, English, Mathematics and General Studies, aiming to enhance their communication skills, intelligence and ability of expression. Other comprehensive training such as fitness, self-management, emotions and social skills are also rendered.


3. Speech Therapy

Speech therapists help children to improve pronunciation, voice, language and communication abilities through aural rehabilitation and speech training.


4. Service for Parents

Parent meetings and seminars are organized regularly to illustrate special parenting skills; Invite parents to attend class observation, in which teachers will demonstrate and recommend training methods and skills; Parent groups and activities of the Hearing Impaired Children Parents Association also encourage mutual support and encouragement among parents, where professional social workers will offer counselling service to help them overcome difficulties.


5. Child Care Service

To provide full-time child care service.


Application Method

Parents should apply for the service through referrals made by paediatricians, Maternal and Child Health Centres, Child Assessment Centres, medical social workers or Integrated Family Service Centres. All enrollments must be processed by the Central Referral System of the Social Welfare Department.


Service Commitment

Supervisors of the Child Care Centres will organize meetings and provide reply to parents within four weeks after receiving the referral cases from the Social Welfare Department. Successful applicants will be arranged for enrollment as soon as school places are available.



Fee payable is as stipulated by the Social Welfare Department.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays)
8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.



Bradbury Child Care Centre
Address: 3/F, Holy Trinity Church Centenary Bradbury Building, 135 Ma Tau Chung Road, Kowloon
Tel: 2768 7875 / 2768 8004
Fax: 2762 7124


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